AL HIDN Presentation

The National Association AL HIDN was founded in 2001, it is a Moroccan non-governmental organization recognized as being of public utility, which works to support the family, women, children and youth.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, the generosity of our donors and the commitment of our private and public partners, we carry out our mission based on three strategic elements: family cohesion, child protection and socio-economic empowerment. women.

The most important achievement that we have achieved within the framework of our public charity campaign initiated in 2019 is the acquisition and development of the AL HIDN center for the support and protection of the widow, the orphan and the family, representing a one-stop shop with the objective of:

  • Give widows the benefit of therapeutic listening and personal coaching in order to support them in the face of the difficulties of daily life.
  • Enable widows to access vocational training to guarantee their financial autonomy.
  • Take care of orphans through KAFALA, school support, personal development training and extracurricular activities.
  • Grant scholarships to underprivileged students to pursue their studies.

Manage intra-family conflicts and train newlyweds, parents and future parents in positive parenting.

Today, we have more than 10,305 sponsored orphans, 811 scholarship students, 80 widows who have benefited from qualifying training. With your contribution, we are aiming this year to extend our services to as many beneficiaries as possible and to optimize the operation of the centre. We are proud to continue together to help the most vulnerable families and to contribute to the fight against precariousness. Thus, we present to you our structure, our achievements, and our sponsorship and/or partnership offers. Our team is at your disposal for any further information.

Our mission

AL HIDN National Association for the cultural and social development of women, families and children, has the following mission:

  • Consolidate the structure and family cohesion through the strengthening of relationships between its members.
  • Strengthen the position of women so that they effectively adhere to the socio-economic development process of our country.
  • Contribute to values and citizenship education for children and young people.

Do you have a question?

We love hearing from you!

Do you have a question?

We love hearing from you!

Major actions

«KAFALA» project

Sponsorship of the orphan in his family

«TALIB» Project

Scholarships to students

«TAMKINE» Project

Empowerment of Widows

«IRCHAD» Project

Orientation and Family Mediation

Key Figures

AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018

Sponsored orphan
Sponsored student
School bags to orphans
Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

Current partnerships