AL HIDN Presentation

Founded in 2001, AL HIDN is a Moroccan non-profit NGO, recognized of public interest, which strives for the support of the family, women, youth and children.

Our objectives

  • Consolidation of the family structure through reinforcing relationships between the family members and through preserving family cohesion.
  • Woman Empowerment so that she could efficiently adhere to the socio-economic development process of our country.
  • Contribution to a sound upbringing of children and youngsters, centered on values and citizenship.

Word of the founding president

We are an association that uses a global approach in considering the Family as a central structure in the institution with children and men. We consider the Family success and stability as essential elements in social, economic, cultural and even political development. On this basis, ALHIDN was created, choosing such a name that includes all these meanings, besides the patriotic aspect.

The aim is to erect a space gathering all the passionately devoted energies who defend the human dignity in one ’s homeland first, then in the world via radiating and communicating actions. Given these data, ALHIDN aims at reducing the negative effects of globalization on the needy communities through bringing support to the family, providing help to the childhood and empowering women via an easy access to sustainable development.

Ms. Khadija MOUFID

Founding President of ALHIDN National Association

Do you have a question?

We love hearing from you!

Do you have a question?

We love hearing from you!

Major actions


«KAFALA» project

Sponsorship of the orphan in his family

«TALIB» Project

Scholarships to students

«TAMKINE» Project

Empowerment of Widows

«IRCHAD» Project

Orientation and Family Mediation

Key Figures

AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018

Sponsored orphan
Sponsored student
School bags to orphans
Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

Current partnerships