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Financial transparency

  • The accounts and accounting of AL HIDN are subject to an annual audit by an auditor and presented periodically to the General Assembly of the National Association AL HIDN

AL HIDN NGO accounts depending on the type of donation:

Student sponsorship (TALIB): 007780000238100000017355
Orphans sponsorship (KAFALA): 007780000238300000013853
Widow training sponsorship (TAMKINE): 007780000238800000018969
Other donations (TANMIA): 007780000238800000018969

In return AL HIDN offers you

AL HIDN is committed, via its strategy of communication, electronic and traditional advertisement at the international and national levels, either at the long, medium or the short run
  • To ensure and grant visibility to the name and logo of its financial partners on all the media covering the event of acquisition, layout and equipment of «ALHIDN Centre for family and orphan protection and support», and this during all the years of its existence (programs, catalogues, internet site, press files, press releases, newsletters, posters, Leaflets, publications, messages on social media, etc………) and on all the Centre project-related other media.
  • To provide to the sponsor all documents justifying its financial contribution, contribution in raw materials and equipment and others.
  • To convey the sponsor to the holding of the Elective General Meetings.
  • To keep the sponsor regularly informed during every General Meeting through the financial and moral reports worked out on the Centre Management.
  • To bear, during the period of the Centre Existence, the Sponsor trade mark on all media visible to public, as well as (on all material or publication in relation with the Centre), and to mention as often as possible the Sponsor name and trademark, whatever these actions are oral or written.
  • To provide all cost element itemization to the sponsor.

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    Key Figures

    AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018
    Sponsored orphan
    Ramadan baskets to families of orphans
    School bags to orphans
    Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

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    We love hearing from you!

    Do you have a question?

    We love hearing from you!

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