How to donate?

Financial transparency

Method of allocating funds
  • The funds received will be sent to the accounts of the National Association AL HIDN. Their accountancy is subject to an annual audit by a statutory auditor and presented periodically during the General Assembly.
  • Donations in kind or services rendered to the National Association AL HIDN will be evaluated according to their nature.

AL HIDN NGO accounts depending on the type of donation:


  • Student sponsorship (TALIB): 360 780 0000047422320028 45
  • Orphans sponsorship (KAFALA): 360 780 0000047422320012 93
  • Other donations (TANMIA): 360 780 0000047422320047 85

In return AL HIDN offers you

  • Associate your organization with an image of commitment and social solidarity
  • A tax receipt will be sent to you for your accounting
  • The payments made entitle you to a tax deduction of 2 per thousand of your turnover

Testimonial video on sponsorship

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    Key Figures

    AL Hidn in figures for the year 2023
    Sponsored orphan
    Ramadan baskets to families of orphans
    School bags to orphans
    Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

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    We love hearing from you!

    Do you have a question?

    We love hearing from you!

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