Family Mediation and Guidance

«IRCHAD»,was created to meet the needs of listening, psychological and legal accompaniment of our widows. The IRCHADprogram has been extended to satisfy the needs of all the family in general.
Dedicated to grooms and brides, young couples and parents, IRCHAD, is engaged to the strengthening of conjugal relationships, to education on positive parenting and to the management of marital disputes.

Goals of the Guidance Centre

  • Family mediation and reconciliation/peace building between the parties.
  • Parental Guidance to provide sound upbringing to children.
  • Enhanced Family awareness raising and promotion of legal culture together with communication techniques.
  • Contributing to the settlement of personal psychological equilibrium among the victims of family or conjugal violence.

Targeted Categories

  • Mothers of orphans, sponsored within the association
  • Spouses in conflict
  • Women, victims of conjugal violence.
  • Newly-married couples
  • Mothers and Fathers.

Our means to fulfil our Goals

  • Listening and legal guidance within a secure space, far from courts.
  • Listening, jurisprudential and psychological guidance through consulting psychologists and scholars specialized in jurisprudential sciences.
  • Organizing training sessions on major family themes such as conjugal happiness, positive parenthood, safe adolescence, sound management of the household budget, conflict management….
  • Organizing training and practice sessions for the persons who are preparing to get married, to pass them the techniques and skills of communication and positive management of family demands.
  • Assistance to needy new brides.

Expected Outcome

  • Management of conflict cases, submitted to the Guidance Centre
  • Reduction of the divorce rate between the spouses, who ask for the assistance of the Guidance Centre.
  • Marriage incentives
  • Reinforcement of family communication.

Key Figures

AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018
Sponsored orphan
Ramadan baskets to families of orphans
School bags to orphans
Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

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Do you have a question?

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