Listening program to the benefit of pupils and students identified as “exceptional students” or with difficulties

Since 2004, ALHIDN created listening centers in the educational institutions to help pupils with difficulties, to teach them to confide, to be part in the improvement of their physical and mental health as well as to protect them against risk behaviors, especially addictions.
In order to participate to the reduction of the school Dropout, ALHIDN offers listening sessions, medical consultations, awareness-raising meetings among the teaching staff and among the parents of pupils, and communication and cultural meetings as well.

Ibnou Hicham Listening Center

It was opened on January 06th 2005 at the Ibnou Hicham secondary-high school, derb Chadia, Hay Hassani, Casablanca, Hay Hassani Delegation, the number of students schooled there, according to the latest figures, reaches 2130 students, including 1486 in secondary school, and 644 in high school.

Ibnou ANNADIM Listening Center

It was opened on April 22nd in the Ibnou ANNADIM secondary-high school, Lotissement Alhaj Fatih, Achahdia square, before the Alhaj Fatih Mosque, Oulfa, Casablanca, attached to the Hay Hassani Delegation, there are 885 students enrolled there according to the 2013-2014 figures.

Fatéma Aezayer Listening Center - Annajd

It was opened on November 09th 2009 at the Fatéma Aezayer- Annajd secondary-high school, Albachir ALJ Avenue, Derb Ghellef, Casablanca, Anfa Delegation. The number of students enrolled in this school, according to the latest figures, 517 students.

Listening Center for Students, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

It was opened on February 9th 2010 at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Muhammad V University- Rabat, Agdal, the number of students enrolled at the faculty according to the latest figures is 7442 students.

Ibnou Albinae Almourrakouchi Listening Center

It was opened on December 1st 2014 at the Ibnou Albinae Almourrakouchi vocationnal High School, Oranges District, Lissassfa, Casablancal, Hay Hassani Delegation, the number of enrolled students has reached 390 students according to the 2016-2017t figures

Training Sessions in favor of the Listening Centers Members

To enable the listening centers beneficiaries having success to listening of quality and a sound guidance, the ALHIDN National Association organized training sessions on mechanisms of listening, communication, development of analysis and classification capabilities regarding the cases coming to the listening centers.

Key Figures

AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018
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