Widow empowerment project «TAMKINE»

«TAMKINE»,is a vocational training program in pastry, cooking and dressmaking, which was created in order to enable women and young girls with difficulties to have an income-generating activity.
Being partner with the National Mutual Aid and the NIHD (National Initiative of Human Development), we make from this training a graduating course in order to promote social and economic empowerment.

Project Motives

  • Direct Communication with widows in the activities held in parallel with the sponsorship project.
  • Monthly training
  • Annual Entertaining trips
  • Listening sessions, held by members of the social Committee.

Project Objectives

  • Reinforcing the widow role by getting her involved in the development process.
  • Support brought to the widow through making her owner of her personal resources to generate income and get self-sufficient.
  • Reinforcing the autonomy culture and fighting dependency on others.


  • A conclusion of a partnership with the National Initiative for Human Development.
  • Renovating and endowing the head office with the equipment necessary to training and to quality and quantity production.
  • Annual provision of a training program in baking and pastry in favor of 20 widows.
  • Participation in national forums to benefit from experiences of the other associations and cooperatives and to open up on the labor market.
  • Learning skills in marketing and budget management.

Key Figures

AL Hidn in figures for the year 2018
Sponsored orphan
Ramadan baskets to families of orphans
School bags to orphans
Sacrifice sheeps distributed to widows

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Do you have a question?

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